London Metro - 30/01/2013

Pushpa Gulhane, founder of contemporary furniture store ARIA, was on the lookout for new designers to join her site. ‘The craftsperson who caught my eye was bespoke furniture maker John Rook,’ she says.


‘Rather than making one-off pieces, he adapted his products for the show in terms of materials and design so they were affordable, marketable products. John has a very contemporary style yet incorporates some arts and craft elements. So instead of using solid hardwoods, which are expensive, he has produced a range in recycled wood items.


‘His application of a raw material is very on trend and his products are unusual and stretch the boundaries in different ways.It’s still early days but we have entered into discussions with him about the possibility of stocking his products on our site.' 

Woodworkers Institute - The Best of the London Design Festival, 2012

Here are a few of our favourite pieces from the events we attended, it was hard narrowing them down to so few. It's worth remembering that even though these pieces are produced for commercial purposes, their origins are very much bespoke.With over 200 events spread out over London, the 10th Design Festival reflects the widest range of design interests possible. We did pay through the nose for a gin & tonic, but the staggering wealth of talent on show demanded some overpriced refreshment.


This intricate piece from John Rook is made from purpleheart (Peltogyne porphyrocardia) and rippled sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus). Its lift-up central panel and push-open sliding trays are elements that contribute to the 'K' desk's overall attention-to-detail.


theDesignForum - The London Design Festival: Our Pick (19/09/2012)

John Rook's K Desk and Rimpie Chair, showing at 100% Design on Stand L344, are a delightful mix of clean lines, smooth curves and beautiful wood. Definitely one to look out for.