"Memphis' and 'Sputnik' Organically Dyed Furniture

Our evloving 'Memphis' & 'Sputnik' ranges offer an affordable opportunity to acquire uniquely designed, space conscious contemporary furniture with the very best environmental credentials.


Made from engineered wood, each piece of furniture come in a range of earthy colour combinations.


The orgaincally dyed material is maufacture, in a carbon neutral process, from forest waste, timber mill residue, & new & recycled pine. The material is FSC sustainability acredited.


The carbon footprint of our furniture is further reduced my the fact that it is not only designed but also made in the UK & many pieces can be delivered 'flat packed'.


Mookywoo - 'curated for the individual'

Mookywho? We've recently linked up with Mookywoo - an exciting new web based retailer specialising in ecletic, design imspired furniture.


Our evolving 'Memphis' & 'Sputnik' ranges are now marketed exclusively through Mookywoo. For more details, please visit Mookywoo's vibrant website. Visit frequently to see new additions to our ranges.