Bespoke Commissions

We think our made-to-order furniture offers considerable flexibility & scope for customers to reflect their personality in the final product. But, for those wanting a truly individual piece of handcrafted furniture, we provide a personalised bespoke service. We are a small company & offer a professional but relaxed 'hands on' service with our clients. We understand that commissioning an individual peice of furniture is a considered process & takes time. Our passion lies in designing & making furniture &, for better or worse, we don't believe in a 'hard sell' apporach to marketing. We want & hope that our furniture will speak for itself. If we are fortunate to received a commission from you, all your dealing - from the specification of the brief, through the evolution of the design to the handcrafting & delivery of the commission - will be directly with me. So, if you share our passion, please give me a call, even if it's just to chat about an idea you've got.